"Participatory consultation with broad stakeholders is essential to creating and sustaining an ambitious, effective, and transparent impact strategy."

The Stakeholders Meeting: An "open" general meeting extended to your stakeholders.

An original way to know the points of view and aspirations of the actors of your value chain and of a diversified and decompartmentalized panel, representative of the society with and by future generations!

Once a year, open the doors of your company and we bring together for you the individuals and organizations considered (im)relevant: customers, suppliers, citizens, investors, activists, academics, influencers, NGOs (environmental, social), public authorities, artists, etc.

Several young people from Corporate ReGeneration are involved on the one hand, in order to orchestrate and animate the "exchanges" and on the other hand as spokespersons of the future generations.

Consultation - validation - 360° cooperation


Just as a General Assembly pronounces on past results and future objectives, this device allows you to obtain a qualified opinion on your impact report and your strategic roadmap in terms of CSR / "sustainable" development.

On a voluntary basis and/or to meet regulatory requirements (CSRD, GRI, etc.), this is an excellent way to move the company in the right direction thanks to the enrichment of external points of view and expertise.

Beyond these aspects, several elements such as the complexity of our times (VUCA), the emergence of sometimes conflicting interests, growing expectations in terms of transparency and the opportunity that better cooperation can represent to strengthen the resilience of your organization are all reasons to formally organize this type of initiative.

Modus operandi


Based on our experiences and your ambitions and vision, we provide you with support for :

  • Definition of themes and "ambition

  • Decompartmentalized" mapping of stakeholders and identification of external participants (including between 2 and 10 young people from Corporate ReGeneration)

  • Drafting of invitations

  • Design and facilitation of one or more collective intelligence and pre-consultation sessions

  • Collection of opinions, leads and production of synthesis documents

  • Feedback on integrating external stakeholder input into your strategic decisions/action plans

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