We help you set up a Regeneration Committee or Impact Board where internal and external members help you (re-) define and drive your strategic roadmap

"Sustainable Development

The ReGeneration Committees: an innovative governance space dedicated to your extra-financial social impacts 


  • 3 to 4 times a year
  • 6 to 10 people from the company and its external ecosystem.
  • Agenda: issues for your company, your sector and future generations in relation to planetary limits (resources, climate, biodiversity) and social justice.
  • Place of exchange and/or decision
    In good understanding with the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee, it can function as a consultative "Advisory Committee" or a body empowered to make decisions (to be validated by the Board of Directors).

We assist you in the design, recruitment of members and the animation of these committees.

Challenger, Controller, Inspirer

The role of this committee is to challenge, inspire and define the company's strategy and action plans in order to bring them up to the level of the societal challenges related to your core business and your scope of influence.

It is also an appropriate place to report on your extra-financial impacts and externalities (Impact accountability in relation to the European taxonomy and other voluntary frameworks) as well as to report to the Executive and the Board of Directors the essential information so that the voices of youth and "nature" are heard.

Casting : Example

  • Internal stakeholders: CEO, members of the executive management body, directors, CSR manager, young people from the company, who represent the future generations and experts on
  • Independent" external actors: young "activists" of the association, experts in specific fields of sustainability related to the activities of the company or more broadly of the "living", inspiring people (philosopher, artist, NGO member, ...)

Innovative Approach: 5 Guardians for Balanced Debates

Based on the principle of Bono's hats, we propose that each member of the Committee speak on their own behalf but also take on a specific role as "guardian". They will thus ensure that the topics are put into perspective with respect to their influence on planetary limits, social justice, the mission and prosperity of the company, the future and the common good, as well as the regenerative dimension.  

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This is the first time that a works council has taken into account environmental issues and future generations in such a concrete and conciliatory manner.