Are you convinced of the essential role that the business world can play in meeting the challenges of society?

Do you also believe that it is necessary to regenerate our organizations by sincerely taking into account the interests of key stakeholders such as the younger generations and the "living "?

Then Corporate ReGeneration and its various initiatives in terms of impact governance and awareness will interest you!


Our 2022-2023 impact report has just been published! You can download it by clicking on the image below. In it, we present the work carried out by the team and the young people over the past two years.
It talks about impact governance, activism, robustness and much more.
Don't forget to check out the young people's video testimonials on pages 6 and 33.

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What is our purpose?

To bring the voice of the younger generations to the highest level of the company in order to challenge the points of view and imagine together innovative and ambitious solutions to build a sustainable and regenerative common future.

How does it work? Our offer :

  • Integrative impact governance:

Setting up of ReGeneration Committees and/or extended consultations with your stakeholders (Stakeholders Meetings)

  • Empowerment:

Opportunities for young people to get involved in various events with decision makers and to participate in our training programs (ReGeneration Academy)

Get started! Adopt a governance system that serves your "impact

Regeneration Committee

Joint body for inspiration, control and decision support with key internal and external people

Stakeholders Meeting

Original "time-space" of consultation/challenge and co-construction of your roadmap in terms of sustainable development with key stakeholders

The Michel Serres Institute, a natural partner!

Michel Serres Institute

In 1990, Michel Serres wrote the "Natural Contract", a plea to consider Nature and all natural beings as subjects of law. It deals with :

  • Move away from man's slave-like relationship with natural resources to build a complex relationship between humanity and nature,
  • build a new social contract based on responsibility and cooperation between human beings and their environment, the natural contract.

Today, the research carried out by the Institute's teams aims to establish peaceful institutional recognition of the inherent value of all forms of life. This work helps to ensure that the choices made by current generations ensure the health of living ecosystems for future generations.

The vision of Michel Serres and the work of the Institute's teams on common health and the robustness of living organisms inspire the members of Corporate ReGeneration, who strive to bring the voice of future generations and of Nature to bear wherever decisions are taken, and particularly in the governance of partner companies.

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