Who are we?

Corporate ReGeneration was born at the end of 2020 from the converging thoughts of Vincent Truyens and Olivier Bouche. Both are convinced that companies are an essential lever to meet the challenges of the moment (climate change, inequalities, loss of biodiversity, scarcity of resources, loss of meaning ...). They are equally convinced of the relevance of involving the young generation in the search for innovative solutions.

Created as a non-profit organization, Corporate ReGeneration intends to build on the foundations of the regenerative economy. "ReGeneration" also implies the desired dialogue between generations: those who can share their experiences and those, full of ideals, who are just waiting to rub shoulders with reality in order to re-invent it.

In a broader sense, Corporate ReGeneration responds to the urgency of moving towards a model of society more in line with the respect of living beings. An adventure in itself that is joyful, humble and determined. Between present and (near) future, are you ready to write this story together?

The young people

They are between 18 & 30 years old and come from diverse backgrounds and represent the "future generations".
If their backgrounds, studies, cultures or passions are varied, the desire to take action and to co-construct a positive version of the world "of tomorrow" unites them. They are eager to mobilize their particular ingenuity and critical thinking skills to challenge companies and bring forth solutions that combine pragmatism and idealism. 



Vincent Truyens

Vincent Truyens

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Vincent Truyens

Olivier Bouche

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The ambitions

Corporate ReGeneration brings the voice of future generations into the governance bodies of companies to activate ingenious solutions for sustainability and the common good.

Corporate Regeneration is:

The deployment of Regeneration Committees in companies 

A strong and ambitious reflection on sustainability

The co-construction
of fresh and innovative solutions

Our News

We are being talked about ...

Corporate ReGeneration in the "Ecological Transition" section of Références Belgique :

Under the mantra "Ecological transition: the economic opportunity of the century?", Références and the Louvain School of Management have put the spotlight on how young people can contribute to the emergence of a more sustainable economy. And find meaning in their professional commitment.

Corporate ReGeneration in the "Economy" section of Le Soir Belgique :

"For three days, under tents, 200 leaders reflected this weekend on how to move towards a more regenerative economy. Maxime, Eline and Charlotte, young people from the Corporate ReGeneration, challenged them." . Discover the article via this link: https://www.lesoir.be/394546/article/2021-09-13/economie-regenerative-des-jeunes-ont-bouscule-les-discussions-du-regenerative

Corporate ReGeneration in the "Inspire" section of La Libre Belgique :

La Libre Belgique dedicates an article to Corporate ReGeneration under the title "It is necessary to bring their voices within the companies because they are the ones who have the power to change things". Discover the interview via this link: https: //www.lalibre.be/planete/inspire/il-faut-porter-la-voix-des-jeunes-dans-les-entreprises-604e3a9d7b50a605179f06b8

Interview of Vincent Truyens in the show "Y a de l'idée" on Radio Nostalgie

In addition to the management committees, regeneration committees

Bringing young people into companies to shake the coconut tree and dust off old reflexes. This is the ambition of the "Corporate ReGeneration" project. In 2021, 40 young people between the ages of 18 and 30 will be invited to join 20 companies on a voluntary basis to reflect on governance, climate issues and their social responsibility. At the heart of the project: the ingenuity of each individual to activate collective intelligence