This badge will be given to you by the youth of Corporate Regeneration, when at the end of the first Regeneration Committee you have committed to advancing a series of concrete sustainability goals. We invite you to display it on all your corporate communications. It allows you to signal to your internal and external customers that you have engaged hand-in-hand and eye-to-eye with representatives of the younger generation to work toward the development of more sustainable practices.


This badge does not validate your procedures and processes so much as the sincerity of a shared intention to build a new and different world. It is given to you for one year from the first regeneration committee. At the end of this period, the representatives of the younger generations will evaluate the strength of your intention with regard to what will have been concretely achieved.

It therefore has an important emotional impact. It is a commitment to align your words and deeds for the sake of your children, your loved ones, nature and yourself.

And that's why it's perhaps much more than a label!